Albert J. Menkveld

My two cents

Working Papers

The Cost of Central Clearing, 2020, with Evangelos Benos, Wenqian Huang, and Michalis Vasios (slides, covered by Bloomberg).

Equilibrium Bid-Price Dispersion, 2020, with Boyan Jovanovic (covered by FT and WSJ, slides).

Equilibrium Bitcoin Pricing, 2020, with Bruno Biais, Christophe Bisière, Matthieu Bouvard, and Catherine Casamatta (slides).

Large Orders in Small Markets: On Optimal Execution with Endogenous Liquidity Supply, 2019, with Agostino Capponi and Hongzhong Zhang (slides).

Systemic Risk in Central Clearing: Should Crowded Trades Be Avoided?, 2015 (slides).

Middlemen in Limit-Order Markets, 2015, with Boyan Jovanovic (online appendix).

Does Central Clearing Affect Price Stability? Evidence from Nordic Equity Markets, 2015, with Emiliano Pagnotta and Marius A. Zoican.

Middlemen Interaction and Its Effect on Market Quality, 2012, with Bart Zhou Yueshen.