Albert J. Menkveld

My two cents

Published Papers

Selected Publications

Asset Price Dynamics with Limited Attention, 2020, Review of Financial Studies (forthcoming), with Terrence Hendershott, Rémy Praz, and Mark S. Seasholes (online appendix, python code).

Information Revelation in Decentralized Markets, 2019, with Björn Hagströmer, Journal of Finance 74, 2751-2787 (slides, online appendix, code)

High-Frequency Trading Around Large Institutional Orders, 2019, with Vincent van Kervel, Journal of Finance 74, 1091-1137 (lead article) (slides, online appendix).

Need for Speed? Exchange Latency and Market Liquidity, 2017, with Marius Zoican, Review of Financial Studies 30, 1188-1228 (covered by Bloomberg, slides).

Shades of Darkness: A Pecking Order of Trading Venues, 2017, with Bart Zhou Yueshen and Haoxiang Zhu, Journal of Financial Economics 124, 503-534.

Price Pressures, 2014, with Terrence Hendershott, Journal of Financial Economics 114, 405-423 (slides, online appendix).

Does Algorithmic Trading Improve Liquidity?, 2011, with Terrence Hendershott and Charles M. Jones, Journal of Finance 66, 1-33 (slides, online appendix).

Competition for Order Flow and Smart Order Routing Systems?, 2008, with Thierry Foucault, Journal of Finance 63, 119-158 (slides).

Information Asymmetry and Asset Prices: Evidence from the China Foreign Share Discount, 2008, with Kalok Chan and Zhishu Yang, Journal of Finance 63, 159-196 (slides).

Other Publications

The Economics of Central Clearing, 2020, Annual Review of Financial Economics (forthcoming), with Guillaume Vuillemey (slides).

Central Counterparty Exposure in Stressed Markets, 2020, Management Science (forthcoming), with Wenqian Huang and Shihao Yu.

The Flash Crash: A Cautionary Tale about Highly Fragmented Markets, 2019, Management Science 65, 4470-4488, with Bart Zhou Yueshen.

Crowded Positions: An Overlooked Systemic Risk for Central Clearing Counterparties, 2017, Review of Asset Pricing Studies 7, 209-242 (covered by FT, slides).

High-Frequency Trading as Viewed Through an Electronic Microscope, 2018, Financial Analysts Journal 74, 24-31.

The Economics of High-Frequency Trading: Taking Stock, 2016, Annual Review of Financial Economics 8, 1-24 (lead article).

High Frequency Traders and Market Structure, 2014, The Financial Review 49, 333-344.

High-Frequency Trading and the New-Market Makers, 2013, Journal of Financial Markets 16, 712-740 (slides).

How Do Designated Market Makers Create Value for Small-Cap Stocks?, 2013, with Ting Wang, Journal of Financial Markets 16, 571-603.

Customer Flow, Intermediaries, and the Discovery of the Equilibrium Riskfree Rate, 2012, with Asani Sarkar and Michel van der Wel, Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis 47, 821-849.

Splitting Orders in Overlapping Markets: A Study of Cross-Listed Stocks, 2008, Journal of Financial Intermediation 17, 145-174.

Modeling Round-the-Clock Price Discovery for Cross-Listed Stocks using State Space Methods, 2007, with Siem-Jan Koopman and André Lucas, Journal of Business & Economic Statistics 25, 213-225 (slides).

Intraday Analysis of Market Integration: Dutch Blue Chips Traded in Amsterdam and New York, 2002, with Erik C.J. Hupperets, Journal of Financial Markets 5, 57-82.

Book Contributions

Monitoring CCP Exposure, in Real Time if Needed, 2017, in Douglas D. Evanoff, George G. Kaufman, Agnese Leonello, and Simone Manganelli, editors, Achieving Financial Stability: Challenges to Prudential Regulation.

Implementation Shortfall with Transitory Price Effects, 2013, with Terrence Hendershott and Charles M. Jones, in David Easley, Marcos López de Prado, and Maureen O’Hara, editors, High-Frequency Trading: New Realities for Traders, Markets and Regulators.